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New steam injection technique (patented) with dragged film for variable steam injection on open ground and under glass as preparation of planting beds and combatting pests, weeds and exhausted ground. Rigid steam assembly with 2-row hydraulically-operated harrow. Compact steam mixer for tilled ground. Sturdy construction. Stainless steel steam injector, operation at 200 degrees steam temperature. Perrot 90 mm nominal connector. Hydraulically operated, not driven from the power take-off shaft.

Product details

  • Speed approx. 40 – 140 m/h.
  • Harrow intensiveness hydraulically adjustable
  • 60-200 rpm
  • Smooth roller, height steplessly adjustable.

Standard scope of supply: Frame, cover, smooth roller of stainless steel, steam injectors, harrow, 2 dragged films 15 m, film pick-up, hydraulic drive incl. DIN2 quick-release couplings, throttle valve Options:

  • Hose drum incl. 40 m Wellflex hose with (manual wind-up)
  • Various special versions (format)
  • Trailer with mounted steam boiler, for mounting on a tractor and integral lifting hydraulics

TECHNICAL DATA FOBRO Mobile steam mixer

Attachment: 3-point connection cat. I – III Length: 210 cm Width: 153 / 183 / 203 cm (variants. Other widths on request) Height: 110 cm Weight: 580 / 650 / 680 kg (variants) Working depth of the steam injectors: 5 to 15 cm (adjustable by adjusting the spindles of the rollers) Working depth of the harrow: 5 to 15 cm, 60-200 rpm (hydraulic motor)



You can rent the complete system from us, or commission us to perform the steaming operation. Further technical data and details together with comprehensive guidance on the FOBRO mobile steam mixer available on request.

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